Superior Water Quality

Akin to bathing in pure mineral water

Developed exclusively for use with Sentinel, the Water Alchemy system is our highest performing Active Oxygen sanitiser.  Active Oxygen has all the power of chlorine but without its harsh and abrasive qualities, leaving no surface residue on the swimming pool surround tiles or cover etc.  More importantly it has no irritative drying effect on skin or hair, and air quality is cleaner resulting in less lung irritation.  This is particularly important for indoor swimming pool bathers with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Refills and Calibration

Convenient and accurate

We offer a FREE chemical tank refill service.  This is typically conducted every 3 months with a courtesy sensor suite calibration to ensure your water analytics remain consistently perfect.

Protect You and the Planet

Safer for your family and the environment

Once Active Oxygen has performed its task of keeping your swimming pool water in pristine condition, only air and water remain as by-products.  The Water Alchemy system is the most environmentally stable sanitiser for your swimming pool or SPA.

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